Tech Issues?

Technology. Love it or hate it, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Try these first:

1. Having trouble going to the next module?

The system won’t let you advance to the next module by clicking “mark complete” until the countdown timer has reached 0. The countdown timer lasts for the same amount of time as each module. Once the timer reaches 0, the grey “mark complete” will turn turquoise, and will then be clickable. See the yellow highlight in the image below:

2. Having trouble accessing your course after logging in?

Try reloading the page, or clearing your cache.

If you’ve tried what I’ve written above and you’re still running into any issues at all accessing your course materials, please send me an email to rr [at] or WhatsApp me at 1-347-871-1848 .

I’m here to help!

~ Rena